There are three main types of Machinery and Equipment valuations that we offer: Capital asset appraisals, full inventories, and desktop or limited on-site office appraisals.  In addition, we offer two specialized services in insurance value updates and custom data file and report writing.

Capital asset appraisals or reappraisals -
a site inspection of all capitalized assets to verify their existence and determine their present condition. Values will be either verified or newly established at the time of the field work. This service includes accounting reports and a data file.

Full inventories including insurance values -  used when no accurate inventory of assets currently exists. These appraisals include a detailed listing of all capital and insurable assets.  Insurable values may be determined by like-grouping, tallied by building or by modeling cost per type and occupancy of the building they are located in.  This service includes both accounting and insurance value reports, as well as a data file.

Fixed asset maintenance continuation services - sometimes referred to as a "desktop appraisal". This option is for regular annual maintenance of your capital assets, when time is short, or when an on-site inspection is not necessary.  We offer you the option of performing this service in your office, or you may send copies of your relevant documents and/or data files directly to us and we will perform the service in our office.  All additions, retirements and other transactions will be applied to your already existing database, or you may additionally contract us to create an electronic database for you from your paper records.

Annual insurance valuation updates - another form of desktop appraisal, this service provides you with an annual table of insurable values to be applied to your existing fixed asset database (or spreadsheet) software.  Cost factors are developed in-house at Mission Consulting LLC using government data, and then formatted into a table by like classes.  Depending on the software you use, we may also create an import disk of factors for you to more easily apply these trend factors to your data.

Customized data solutions - Mission Consulting LLC can create import and export files of your fixed asset data. ASCII, common database structures, as well as many specialized Fixed Asset software program formats.  In addition, we have custom report writing services that allow you to capture data in any unique, specialized format that you deem necessary.